Goldsky provides the following options to index data:

From top to bottom, each offers better performance and improved customizability to grow with your project's complexity.

Supported chains

Goldsky currently supports the following chains. If you want to work with another chain, please contact us at [email protected] to discuss your use case.

When creating a subgraph, please use the term in (brackets) as the network name.

  • Arbitrum One (arbitrum-one)
  • Arbitrum Goerli (arbitrum-goerli)
  • Avalanche (avalanche)
  • Base Goerli Testnet (base-goerli)
  • BNB Chain (bsc)
  • BNB Chain Chapel Testnet (chapel)
  • Ethereum Mainnet (mainnet)
  • Ethereum-Goerli (goerli)
  • Ethereum-Sepolia (sepolia)
  • Fantom (fantom)
  • Gnosis (xdai)
  • Gnosis Chiado Testnet (Chiado)
  • Optimism Goerli (optimism-goerli)
  • Optimism (goerli)
  • Polygon (matic)
  • Polygon Mumbai Testnet (mumbai)
NFT transfers