Instant Subgraphs

Open Beta

This feature is available as a beta release.

Skip the manual creation and maintenance of subgraphs. Instead, use your contract's ABI and a configuration file to let Goldsky generate a subgraph for you. Indexing of the generated subgraph starts immediately after deployment.

Below is an example of a basic configuration file:

  "version": "1", 
  "name": "TokenDeployed",
  "abis": {
    "TokenRegistry": {
      "path": "./abis/token-registry.json"
  "chains": ["mainnet"],
  "instances": [
      "abi": "TokenRegistry",
      "address": "0x0A6f564C5c9BeBD66F1595f1B51D1F3de6Ef3b79",
      "startBlock": 13983724,
      "chain": "mainnet"

For a complete reference of the various properties, please see the Instant Subgraphs references docs

Execute the following command to generate a subgraph, deploy it, and let Goldsky start indexing:

goldsky subgraph deploy <subgraphName>/<subgraphVersion> --from-abi <path-to-above-config-file>

In your terminal, you will see output similar to the following:

❯❯❯ goldsky subgraph deploy goldsky/v1.0.0 --from-abi ./goldsky_config.json
Deploying Subgraph:
✔ Generating subgraph(s) (this may take several minutes)
✔ Deploying goldsky-mainnet/v1.0.0 to Goldsky

Deployed subgraph API:

That's it! You can now query your subgraph at the provided link(s) or watch the indexing progress and other information at

Shared subgraph indexing