Mirror - Integrate into your backend


You can index and transform all the data in the world, but unless you get the processed results into your ecosystem, your job is only half done.

With Goldsky Mirror, you sync data to your own infrastructure to both power your APIs and for deep analysis.

Yep, you read that right

Thanks to Goldsky's streaming engine, we support both analytics and real-time use cases with one integration. You decide what works best for you.


Receive real-time HTTP POST requests to your service whenever one of the following events occurs on entities: insert, update, delete. Learn more

Goldsky GraphQL

Access all your subgraphs and Goldsky Streams in a single interface. Aggregate your data to fit your needs. Learn more


We partner with Timescale for real-time data access, powerful enough for time series analytical queries and transactional workloads alike. Learn more


Import Goldsky data into Elasticsearch for further processing and querying. Learn more


Get sub-second queries on complex aggregations through our Rockset integration. Learn more

Direct data indexing