Supported Chains

Goldsky currently supports the following chains. If you want to work with another chain, please contact us to discuss your use case.

When creating a subgraph, please use the term in (brackets) as the network name.

  • Arbitrum One (arbitrum-one)
  • Arbitrum Goerli (arbitrum-goerli)
  • Arbitrum Nova (arbitrum-nova)
  • Avalanche (avalanche)
  • Base Goerli Testnet (base-goerli)
  • Base (base)
  • BNB Chain (bsc)
  • BNB Chain Chapel Testnet (chapel)
  • Ethereum Mainnet (mainnet)
  • Ethereum-Goerli (goerli)
  • Ethereum-Sepolia (sepolia)
  • Fantom (fantom)
  • Gnosis (xdai)
  • Gnosis Chiado Testnet (chiado)
  • Optimism Goerli (optimism-goerli)
  • Optimism (optimism)
  • Polygon (matic)
  • Polygon Mumbai Testnet (mumbai)
  • Public Goods Network (publicgoods)
  • Public Goods Network Testnet (publicgoods-testnet)
  • ZetaChain Testnet (zetachain-testnet)
  • Zora Testnet (zora-testnet)
  • Zora (zora)
Teams and Projects