Foundational Infrastructure for Web3 Apps

Instantly start indexing on-chain data and never think about it again. Process and integrate insights deeply into your infrastructure.

npm i -g @goldskycom/cli
goldsky login
goldsky subgraph deploy your-subgraph-name/your-version --from-url <your-subgraph-query-url>


Getting started

Goldsky provides real-time and historical access to data stored on blockchains and lets you transform, enhance, and integrate that data with real-time pipelines to meet your custom needs.

Index data

Learn how to index your blockchain data.

Sync data

Learn how to use Mirror to integrate data into your project.

Advanced data pipelines

Learn how to transform your data in real-time.

Migrate from The Graph

Learn how to migrate your subgraphs from The Graph and host them on Goldsky.

Quick start

To get started with Goldsky:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Choose a plan that best fits your needs.
  3. Create an API key on the Settings page.
  4. Install the Goldsky CLI:
    npm install -g @goldskycom/cli
  5. Log in with the API key created earlier:
    goldsky login
  6. Deploy your subgraph
    cd <your-subgraph-directory>
    graph build # Build your subgraph as normal.
    goldsky subgraph deploy my-subgraph/1.0.0
    Alternatively, if you have public subgraphs deployed to The Graph’s hosted service, the following command seamlessly migrates your subgraph to Goldsky:
    goldsky subgraph deploy your-subgraph-name/your-version --from-url <your-subgraph-query-url>
    Learn more about migrating from The Graph.
  7. Access data
    goldsky subgraph list
    Open the "GraphQL API" link in your browser to access your data

Getting help

If things do not go according to plan and you run into any issues or would like to provide feedback, please contact us at [email protected].