Projects are the primary structure around which work on Goldsky is organized. Every project consists of a group of subgraphs and pipelines, as well as a list of team members who have access to that project.

To manage team members for a given project, select the project and navigate to the Settings menu.

Goldsky supports RBAC to help restrict who can do what.

Using the Command Line to Manage Teams and Projects

Project and team management is also supported through the command line interface - you can find a description of all project and team-related commands in the CLI Reference.

  • goldsky login Login using the API key that you generated in Settings at https://app.goldsky.com for the given project.
  • goldsky project list lists all projects you’re a member of
  • goldsky project create --name "<projectName>" creates a new project. Note: this will not log you into that project: you need to go to https://app.goldsky.com/dashboard/settings and generate the API key for that project, then use goldsky login with that key.
  • goldsky project update --name "<newProjectName>" will update the name of the currently active project.
  • goldsky project leave --projectId "<projectId>" will remove yourself from the project specified. Note: you cannot leave the project you’re currently authenticated with.
  • goldsky project users list will list all the team members of the currently active project
  • goldsky project users invite --emails "<user1email>" "<user2email>" (passing as many emails as you want) --role <role> will add new users who already have Goldsky accounts to the active project. Note that if you enter email addresses of people who don’t already have Goldsky accounts, you’ll see an error message and none of the users will be invited, even if some people in the list already have Goldsky accounts. Use the --role flag to determine what permissions these new user(s) will have in your project.
  • goldsky project users remove --email "<userToRemoveEmail>" will remove a team member from the active project (you’ll see an error message if they’re not a team member of the project).
  • goldsky project users update --email "<userToUpdateEmail>" --role <role> will update the role of a user in the active project (you’ll see an error message if they’re not a team member of the project)