Closed Beta

This feature is in closed beta and only available for our enterprise customers.

Access our app at and fill in the request form for this Add-on, and our team will get back to to help you get set up.

At the core, Goldsky is powered by a low latency real-time streaming engine. With Transforms, you get direct access to that engine to execute SQL transformations.

Data transformations are a powerful way to convert raw blockchain data into data insights that are valuable to your project.

You write transformations in a familiar SQL-like syntax. We are working on documenting this in more detail, please contact us if you are interested in writing data transformations to process your blockchain data in real-time.

Transformations update in real-time

As data is added to a blockchain, each transformation is kept up-to-date with the latest block.

This allows you to use your streams for transactional use cases within your applications.

Example use cases

Below are a few examples of what is possible with Goldsky’s data transformations. Note though, this is a small set of examples, the (gold)sky is the limit 🙂.

  • Aggregate data in real-time
  • Apply complex filters
  • Detect fraud or corrupt data
  • Create streams for monitoring purposes


Cross-chain subgraphs