Rockset recently announced that it was shutting down support for their service. As a result we will be deprecating the Rockset sink. We will update this page with details when we determine the best path forward for migrating off of Rockset.


Rockset is a real-time analytical database that allows you to query data in real-time, without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. Rockset can easily scale to terabytes of data - and it’s easy to use through REST APIs or SQL.

Rockset is unique through their Converged Index - they index data in multiple different ways, allowing for blazing fast queries across many different types of workloads.

Goldsky has partnered with Rockset to provide teams with real-time data access for on-chain data, using a database powerful enough for time series analytical queries and fast enough for transactional workloads like APIs, while being efficient enough for warehouse-style queries.

Goldsky supports real-time sync into Rockset, with data updating in Rockset indexes. New blockchain transactions and events are queryable within seconds of the block being proposed.

What you can do with Rockset

  • Sync the logs, traces, transactions, and blocks of a whole blockchain and query it
  • Sync multiple subgraphs across different chains into one single collection for querying
  • Provide APIs on top of SQL Queries through Rockset Query Lambdas
  • Power complex dashboards without thinking at all about caching or data freshness
  • Build a data warehouse on top of blockchain data

When to use Rockset over other options

  • Your team needs a single database to power both APIs and Dashboards
  • You have data that surpasses the limits of a traditional relational database
  • You don’t want to think about indexes at all

Pipeline configuration

sources: {}
transforms: {}
    description: Type.Optional(Type.String())
    type: rockset
    from: Type.String()
    secret_name: Type.String()
    workspace: Type.String()
    collection: Type.String()
    ingest_transformation_sql: Type.Optional(Type.String())
    # Default: 10000
    batch_size: Type.Optional(Type.Integer())
    # Default: 30000
    batch_flush_interval: Type.Optional(Type.Integer())
    retry_count: Type.Optional(Type.Integer())


goldsky secret create --name A_ROCKSET_SECRET --value '{
  "apiKey": "Type.String()",
  "endpoint": "Type.String()",
  "type": "rockset"

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