Direct Data Indexing

Closed Beta

This feature is in closed beta and only available for our enterprise customers.

Access our app at and fill in the request form for this Add-on, and our team will get back to to help you get set up.

If Shared Subgraph Indexing is a 🚲 and Dedicated Subgraph Indexing a 🚗, then Direct Data Indexing is a 🚀!

You get real-time, re-org aware streams of blocks, transactions, traces, and decoded logs.

Track all tokens and NFTs, merge with subgraphs, and create complex streams with the combined data.


Compared to shared or dedicated subgraph indexing, Goldsky's Direct Data Indexing offers the following benefits:

  • ✅ No need to create subgraphs
  • ✅ Provide us with ABIs and we'll rapidly decode all relevant logs.
  • ✅ Query non-smart contract related data, such as individual blocks and raw transactions


Dedicated subgraph indexing