Closed Beta

This feature is in closed beta and only available for our enterprise customers.

Please contact us at to request access to this feature.

We partner with Timescale to provide teams with real-time data access on on-chain data, using a database powerful enough for time series analytical queries and fast enough for transactional workloads like APIs.

Timescale support is in the form of hypertables - any dataset that has a timestamp-like field can be used to create a Timescale hypertable.

You can also use the traditional JDBC/postgres sink with Timecale - you would just need to create the hypertable yourself.

You use TimescaleDB for anything you would use PostgreSQL for, including directly serving APIs and other simple indexed table look-ups. With Timescale Hypertables, you can also make complex database queries like time-windowed aggregations, continuous group-bys, and more.

Learn more about Timescale here:

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