Closed Beta

This feature is in closed beta and only available for our enterprise customers.

Please contact us at [email protected] to request access to this feature.

We partner with Timescale to provide teams with real-time data access on on-chain data, using a database powerful enough for time series analytical queries and fast enough for transactional workloads like APIs.

With our Mirror integrations you can get data from subgraphs synced in real-time with Timescale - the database can now become your view into on-chain data, with re-orgs and other edge cases completely handled for you.

You use TimescaleDB for anything you would use PostgreSQL for, including directly serving APIs and other simple indexed table look-ups. With Timescale Hypertables, you can also make complex database queries like time-windowed aggregations, continuous group-bys, and more.

Learn more about Timescale here: https://docs.timescale.com/api/latest/